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Sin City Captures

Added blu ray captures from the film thanks to my friend, Jennifer.

Magazine Alert: Natural Health

Jessica will be on the cover of the issue, check out the cover below.



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2013 Events Photos

[028] May 20th – Champion For Children Award Ceremony
[005] September 3rd – Hermes Beverly Hills Boutique Opening – After Party
[194] October 4th – Variety’s 5th Annual Power Of Women Event
[007] October 9th – The Morning Show 10/9/13
[093] October 24th – Who What Wear And Cadillac’s 50 Most Fashionable Women Of 2013 Event

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Stills & Posters

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Jessica Alba’s ‘sin’ful return

The actress reprises her role as an exotic dancer in the second Sin City film, A Dame To Kill For, and tells us why she felt a lot more confident about her portrayal this time

Jessica Alba has made a career out of playing “girl with an attitude” kind of roles, on the small and big screens. Whether it was as Susan Storm a.k.a the Invisible Woman in the Fantastic Four movies or Max Guevara, the “super soldier” from the Dark Angel TV series, Jessica’s brought iconic pop culture characters to life and she’s doing the same in her latest film, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

A sequel to the first Sin City film, directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and based on the latter’s immensely popular graphic novels of the same name, A Dame To Kill For sees Jessica reprise the role of Nancy Callahan, a “stripper with a heart of gold”, who’s now looking to avenge the death of the man she loved.

The actress says that filming the sequel, eight years after working on the original, was a very different experience. “I’m much more comfortable in my own skin as a woman and an actress,” Jessica says. “I’m fearless in a way that I wasn’t when I did the first one.”

In the time since she was seen in the first Sin City film, Jessica’s also become a mother to two daughters, with Cash Warren, who she married in 2008. Reports claimed that the actress “wasn’t comfortable” getting back into the role of an exotic dancer, especially since she felt her body had changed during the time, and that she had requested for the use of a body double. But Jessica asserts that she had no apprehensions in reprising the role: “No way! I was stoked. Nancy’s one of my favorite characters to have played, and Sin City is hands-down my favorite movie to have been in,” she says.


Guest Appearance: ‘Meredith Viera Show’

Jessica will be a guest on the “Meredith Viera Show” September 10th.

Big Deal For Social Enterprise: Jessica Alba’s Company Eyes An IPO

Actress Jessica Alba’s social enterprise The Honest Company recently revealed it raised $70 million and is planning an IPO, though when that might be is unclear. I just caught up with COO Sean Kane to talk about what it all means for the Santa Monica-based company, as well as social enterprises, in general.

The big question, of course, is what going public bodes for the company’s social mission, keeping in mind the Ben & Jerry’s-Unilever experience. (The Honest Company is a certified B Corp).

Alba co-founded the company in Jan. 2012 after  having her first child and discovering that it was next to impossible to find baby products that didn’t contain any potentially toxic elements.  (I’ve written about it here and here). With friend Chris Gavigan who was heading a children’s health organization,  they decided to form a company that would develop, make and sell diapers and other baby products using only non-toxic, environmentally –friendly ingredients. (Disposable diapers, for example, would use plant-based materials as opposed to petrochemicals). Suppliers would have to comply with human rights and environmental standards.  And they would give a portion of revenues and profits to charities. They enlisted Kane to run operations, along with Brian Lee, an ecommerce veteran, as CEO.

The company launched with 12 personal care and cleaning products; it now has 85, including such things as a line of supplements.  Most of its sales are from monthly subscriptions, but customers can also buy one-off items online. And products are available in Target TGT +0.08%, Costco and other stores.


Jessica Alba on fundraising while famous

The movie star turned entrepreneur spoke with Fortune about her eco-friendly home products company The Honest Company and its latest round of venture capital funding.

Actress Jessica Alba co-founded The Honest Company in 2011, to make eco-friendly baby and home products. Three years later, the company just announced $70 million in new funding at nearly a $1 billion valuation, and is looking toward an initial public offering. Alba, one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs in 2012, spoke with Fortune about Honest Co. and what it’s like to raise money from venture capitalists as a celebrity.

Edited excerpts:

What goal did you set out to accomplish when you founded the company?

I really found a problem that needed to be addressed and no one was out there doing it, but it makes so much sense. It makes sense to have safe, healthy non-toxic products. All my friends were at an age where they were thinking about starting a family and a lot of them had a difficult time getting pregnant. There are a lot of hormone disruptors in cleaning products and things that are off-putting to your hormones. Then it was like this ripple effect of people not wanting to be sick and wanting inexpensive products that looked good and worked well.

Did you ever think your idea would grow into a brand worth nearly $1 billion?

I really didn’t put a dollar amount to it. My goal was to reach as many people globally [as possible] and really redefine the idea of a family brand. I didn’t have any values or limitations on the possibility of what that was.

How do you think your role at the company would change after a potential IPO?

I am still quite hands-on and I still micro-manage probably a little too much. The details are what set us apart and me being meticulous about the details matters. It makes us feel different to everyone else out there. As long as I am the customer, I am going to be involved in marketing, packaging and design. I don’t see my role changing a whole lot, but I guess I won’t be packing boxes anymore. In the beginning, we were packing our own boxes and doing initial product tests by throwing them around in a parking lot to see if they would break. Now we have people to do those things properly. (Laughs)


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